Davina Sherwood


I am a highly qualified physiotherapist with 14 years experience in the treatment and rehabilitation of sports injuries.

HCPC and CSP registered, I offer a private physiotherapy service based in Clapham Common including home visits to ensure the focused treatment you deserve.

+44 (0) 7920 487 372

Treatments I offer:

Acupuncture & Dry needling
Pre- and post-operative rehabilitation
Guidance and rehabilitation of sports injuries
Massage, mobilisation and manipulation
Taping & advice on braces, supports and walking aids
Movement screening and gait analysis

My Specialities:

Running Injuries
Recovery following surgery
Ankle injuries
Knee injuries
Foot injuries


Pain can be very isolating, scary and restricting and we all crave a speedy recovery.
If you are injured, chances are, you’re feeling frustrated, miserable and unsure how best to go about your recovery.
Maybe you have already tried some physiotherapy, or the usual ice and rest, but you’re not getting better.
Perhaps you’ve been told you shouldn’t run and simply don’t know when you can return.
I get it. I’ve been there. I know how important feeling fit and healthy is and I hate it when I can’t keep active. As a focused marathon runner you may find the juggle of work, family and social demands a drain on your time for conditioning and recovery. You want to know what to do, when to it, and how long it will take to get back to full fitness, as you’ve little free time as it is.
In order to get better, you first need to know what the problem really is – what exactly have you injured and what is the diagnosis. I’m often surprised about how few of my new patients can answer this question, but it’s of paramount importance to best recovery. If you’ve had a vague diagnosis, your treatment will be vague.
In addition to a diagnosis, I have found that some that some treatments can lack structure, which means some patients turn up week on week for treatment with their physiotherapist but see very little change in their progress.  A plan is essential for optimal recovery.
Lastly, it is important that your treatment is able to fit into your schedule; I will not bombard you with hours of exercises that (let’s be honest), we often struggle to do! It needs to be short, sharp and to the point.
I approach each and every patient individually. I will ensure that you have a firm understanding of your injury and the input needed to reach your desired goals and if you are willing to invest in and work hard on your sports injury rehabilitation, you’ll get the best possible outcome.
You ultimately have the control in your recovery. I will bring knowledge, a listening ear and the tools to assist you on your way to a healthier, stronger and happier you.
I have worked  for 14 years in the physiotherapy world including work in leading clinics such as Pure Sports Medicine and  sports ranging from rugby to gymnastics. It is now time for my own venture with Davina Sherwood Physiotherapy Ltd  providing high standard physiotherapy treatment of sports injuries in Clapham, London. I have a bachelor of science in physiotherapy from Cardiff University and gained my MSc in Sports Medicine, Exercise and Health,  from UCL, London.
I’m HCPC registered and I’m fully insured through Chartered Society of Physiotherapy.
I’d love for you to get in touch if you’re struggling to get better. Email me on davinasherwoodphysio@gmail.com 
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